Experimental Assessment to Decrease Diesel NOx Emissions in CI Engine by using Urea Solution

Author(s): D. Jaganathan, M. Mahesh, N. Sethuraman, D. Mala

Abstract: Nowadays exhaust emission control from internal combustion engines have become one of the most important challenges. The diesel emissions contributes the health effects, pollution of air, global warming effects and environmental hazards. Among these, emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) contribute seriously to air pollution, which is a major environmental problem. There are many researches are carried out for control the NOx emission in diesel engines. The objective of this paper is to control the NOx emission by using the mixture of  urea and distilled water as per the normalized stoichiometric ratio (NSR).This urea solution reacts with exhaust gas, undergoes chemical reaction and reduce the NOx content. The experiment is carried out in the diesel engine and exhaust gas is analysed by using the gas analyzer.