An Investigation on Waste Heat Recovery from Internal Combustion Engine

Author(s): S. Mathavan, D. Ganesh, G. Nagarajan, R. Murugan

Abstract: The focus of the study is to design a waste heat recovery system for recovery energy from internal combustion engine. The current worldwide trend of increasing of energy demand, many segments that is responsible for growing share of fossil fuel usage and indirectly contributes in CO2 emission. It is hope with latest research on exhaust heat recovery system to increase the efficiency of I.C. engine. The exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine carries away about 30% of the heat of combustion. The energy available in the exit stream of many energy conversion devices goes as waste, if not utilized properly. The major technical constraint that prevents successful implementation of waste heat recovery is due to its intermittent and time mismatched demand and availability of energy. In the present work a three fluid shell and tube heat exchanger is designed and it integrated with an IC engine setup to recover heat from the exhaust gas to utilize air and Jatropha oil preheating purpose.