Effects of Heat Exchanger Parameters of Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger – A Review

Author(s): R. Arunkumar, R. Pachaiyappan

Abstract: A heat exchanger system is a transfer of heat under the temperature difference. There are two runnels R1 and R2. R1 is a warm fluent and R2 is a chill fluent. Using plates, pipes, coils to be partitioned of flowing fluently. Before running a machine, it should be in for various inlet parameters such as compression, the degree of fluid, the velocity with support some external device such as a compressor, pump, heater, and others. One of the way to improve the rate of heat transfer using fins. Fins are used to increase the surface of heat transfer that surface is used to increase the value of heat transfer rate but essential thing to control rising a pressure drop to develop performance and efficiency. Different types of fins such as triangular, rectangular, wavy fin, offset strip fin, rip saw fin, etc. In point of various journal papers about the experimental investigation and numerical investigation to improving the heat transfer effectiveness.