An Efficient Machine learning technique used for paddy disease and pest detection – A review

Author(s): A.Pushpa Athisaya Sakila Rani, N.Suresh Singh

Abstract: Paddy diseases can cause sufferers of up to 30% of crops. Timely detection and proper preventative measures can help minimize the spread of these organisms. Symptoms of Paddy diseases appear in the plant leaf and stem. Early detection helps minimize the spread of these diseases and improve the quality of the crop. Paddy diseases and pests are vital aspects defining the yield and superiority of plants. Paddy diseases and pests identification can be supported out by means of digital image processing. In recent years, machine learning has made step forward in the field of digital image processing, far greater to existing methods. How to use machine learning technology to study Paddy diseases and pests identification has become a research matter of great anxiety to researchers. According to the difference of network structure, this study outlines the research on Paddy diseases and pests finding based on machine learning and the advantages and disadvantages of each methods are summarized. Collective datasets are presented, and the performances of existing studies are compared. In addition, possible solutions and research ideas are proposed for the challenges, and several suggestions are given. Finally, this study gives the investigation and viewpoint of the future trend of Paddy diseases and pests detection based on machine learning.