A Conversational UI Integration using NLU for Telepresence Robots

Author(s): Abbas AM, Abhishek K, Akhil Biju, Athul VA, Shahna Abdul Hassan

Abstract: Telepresence Video conferencing technology is usually integrated with mobile robot devices that may be guided from afar in robotic systems. These technologies, which are primarily intended to promote social contact between individuals, are gaining popularity in a variety of application areas, including health care, independent living for the elderly, and workplace contexts. The major issue here is that in telepresense robot a person should remotely access the robot and the robot is inactive if the person is not available. In this paper, we have focused to solve the problem where major conversation has been done through Natural Language Processing and we integrate the same to the telepresense robot. Our system consist of a hardware part for implementing the telepresense robot and for conversation part we used dialogflow to implement the Natural Language Processing.