Ameliorated PSO for Economic Dispatch of Generation in Power System Operation

Author(s): V.P. Sakthivel

Abstract: This paper presents the application of a new metaheuristic optimization algorithm, an ameliorated particle swarm optimization (APSO) algorithm for solving the economic load dispatch (ELD) problem involving a number of equality and inequality constraints such as power balance, prohibited operating zones and ramp rate limits. The APSO algorithm, a variant of the basic PSO algorithm, is obtained by incorporating chaotic sequences to enhance its performance. Two different example problems comprising six and fifteen generating units are solved to demonstrate the effectiveness of the algorithm. The results of APSO are compared with GA and PSO techniques. The simulation results show that the APSO methods have good convergence property. The generation costs obtained by APSO method are lower than those of the traditional PSO algorithm, and hence, APSO method can result in great economic effect. For ELD problems, the APSO method is more feasible and effective alternative approaches than the traditional PSO algorithm.