Ameliorated PSO: Application to the solution of Economic Load Dispatch Problems Considering Valve-Point Loading and Multiple Fuel Options

Author(s): V. P. Sakthivel

Abstract: This study presents an ameliorated particle swarm optimization (APSO) for the solution of the constrained economic load dispatch (ELD) problems in different power systems considering valve-point loading and multiple fuel options of generators. In the suggested APSO algorithm, the chaotic behavior of logistic map is employed into the inertia weight factor of particle swarm optimization (PSO) in order to improve the diversity of solutions and to avoid being trapped in the local optima. This novel algorithm which combines the fortes of PSO and chaotic dynamics, is then employed to solve the ELD problem. It is used to determine the optimized generation of each committed units which minimize the total fuel cost of the power plant. Two different test systems are used to verify the superiority of the suggested APSO approach. The simulation results revealed that the suggested APSO approach converges speedily and has better solution quality in solving the ELD problems with valve-point loading and multiple fuel options compared with other kinds of distinguished heuristic approaches.