A Study on Environmental Ethics of Higher Secondary Level Students in Krishnagiri District

Author(s): C. Dharathi Rosaline Ophiliy

Abstract: In the rapid changing world, human beings need to develop a sense of ethics to conserve the environment as the world suffers from serious environmental threats. In the present study, investigator reviewed several research articles related to the environmental ethics. The result of the study revealed the average level of environmental ethics among the higher secondary students. Further, significant difference was found among them with regard to Subject of Study, Management of School, and Type of Family, but no significant difference was found with respect to Gender. The study suggest for initiation of curricular and co-curricular activities at the school level to create environmental awareness and environmental sensitivity among students for sustainable life in future. It was concluded that the environmental ethics of higher secondary students is at average level. It is recommended that the Environmental Ethics of the higher secondary students should be improved through their teaching.