Thermal Analysis of Effect of Thermal Barrier Coating on Al-Si Piston of Petrol Engine Using ANSYS

Author(s): R. Soundararajan, R. Sivasubramanian, P. Ashoka Varthanan, S. Surya

Abstract: This paper presents the simulation of temperature distribution in Al-Si piston of petrol engine provided with Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC). It has been identified that by providing TBC over piston crown will reduce the emission as well as the fuel consumption. In this work, a comparative study of steady state thermal analysis was carried out for standard piston and double coated (MgPSZ+NiCrAl, YPSZ+NiCrAl) Al-Si pistons respectively using ANSYS – Workbench. Analysis result shows a decrease in thermal conductivity and a sharp increase in surface temperature of piston crown of about 18%-48% were observed in TBC coated Al-Si piston, which will result in increase in air fuel mixture temperature in crevice volume and wall quenching region.