Stiffness Analysis on Aluminium Based Sandwich Composite

Author(s): N. Manikandan, Cyril Reuben Raj

Abstract: Automotive industry is on the verge of development and more comforts are being incorporated in a vehicle. On other hand customers have stringent demand of fuel economy, high performance at low cost. In order to have high fuel economy the auto-motive manufacturers are induced to reduce weight.  In this project car body panel is selected as a target weight reduction component and to improve the strength and mechanical properties. This can be achieved either using high strength low weight material or by using low weight composite sandwich panel. Aluminum composite (Aluminum skin, polypropylene core and epoxy resin) material being light and strong, it is thought as an alternative material. Stiffness is analyzed with varying load applied on the specimen. Stiffness analyzed were done on the panel was carried out using Finite Element Solution.