Solution for Unintentional Events of Vehicle Security

Author(s): Sophy Shaju, Devika A.D, Asish Antony Joy, Naveen K, Ponmani Raja M

Abstract: One of the major research topics in vehicle security part is the vehicle monitoring and alarm system. Many project either focus on how to keep safe a vehicle from stealers using detection system or alarm systems. This system presents the design and development of a boost vehicle security system that help to overcome the unintentional events that undergo in vehicles. The common unintentional events that occurs in vehicle are deliberately cease to think of to turn off headlight, forget to close window and door, and accidentally Locking someone in your car, and you just forgot of them. The main aim of the project is that to solve this unintentional event. This system proposes the design and construction of an advanced vehicle security system using PIR sensor, button switch and mobile communication network. The proposed project consists of both hardware and software parts. Hardware components include sensors like PIR sensors, button switch software components include a mobile app.