Optimization of drilling parameters of Al 7075/ SiC /MoS2 Hybrid Composite in EDM

Author(s): R. Pavendhan, R. Ashok raj, S. Arokia Sham Raj, L.Joshua

Abstract: In this paper, as attempt has been made to investigate the influence drilling parameters of hybrid aluminium metal matrix composite reinforced with the hard ceramic (10 wt% SiC) and soft solid lubricant ( 3 wt% of MoS2)in EDM, fabricated by using stir casing method. Hardness test were conducted on Al7075 and Al7075 hybrid composite. The Al7075 hybrid composite exhibited better hardness than Al7075 alloy. Peak current, pulse on time, pulse off time and pressure have chosen as input parameters. The pressure taken as constant throughout experiments.L9 orthogonal array is used in DOE Taguchi’s optimization method. Three level input parameters were used in L9 orthogonal array. At the end of experiments MRR and TWR were calculated for each experiment. Finally minitab is used to optimize and find influence drilling parameters of MRR and TWR.