Multi Objective Optimization of Spur Gear using Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Pon.Azhagiri, T. Senthilkumar, P. Balakrishnan

Abstract: Researches in the area of industrial engineering have been receiving considerable attention now over the way of optimizing the engineering components and other scheduling problems. Only limited people had done their work on engineering components design optimization, that too with single objective with or without constraints. Gears in the early stages were in the form of cylindrical discs having surface irregularities. These primitive transmission tools were adequate to meet the operational needs of those days. Ancient engineers were aware of the desired performance parameters such as a gear ratio, centre distance and available power source (water current, wind, horse power) and used them to define the gear parameters (diameters, number and shape of the teeth). They then manufactured gears using available materials, technology and tools. From these facts it is seen that it is necessary to vary ratio of the speed of rotation of the vehicle wheels (and thereby the vehicle speed) to the speed of rotation of the engine.