Microstructural Evaluation of Friction Stir Spot Welding in Al 5052 Joints for Vehicle Body Project

Author(s): P. Gopal, T. Senthilkumar, S. Nanthini

Abstract: FSSW is a newly developed solid state joining technology. In this study, FSSW technique is applied to join Al 5052 alloy sheets with 1mm thickness and then the effect of rotational speed on microstructures and mechanical properties is discussed. Maximum TSFL of about 3.12 KN was obtained by using 0.33 mm/s Plunge speed, 1.2 mm plunge depth, 8 s dwell time at 1175 rpm tool rotational speed for H13 tool. The welded specimen which could withstand high TSFL was taken for SEM analysis. The SEM micrographs analyze the various zones in the welded specimen consisting of SZ, TMAZ, HAZ and BM. From our work, the grain morphology was to be observed as the fine grain structures with minimum hairline cracks in SZ compare to other zones and so the strength of the weld has to be enhanced. This technique of FSSW is used in automotive body structures for light weight applications.