Mechanical Characterization and Damage Mechanisms on Glass and Basalt Composite Laminates

Author(s): Shruthi M, Akhila Rupesh

Abstract: The reason of this project is to investigate the characterization and damage properties on glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) and basalt fiber reinforced plastics (BFRP). GFRP and BFRP were fabricated. They are tested by universal testing machine and impact test machine according to ASTM standard. The peak energy comprises of the energy consumed by means of elastic deformation and the energy dissipated through damage initiation and propagation. It is unique in relation to penetration impacts when peak energy is constantly lower than energy at failure because of the entire rupture of specimens. Clearly failure energy is solely in charge of the damage initiation and propagation in the specimen. Basalt fiber reinforced plastics tensile and flexural strength is more than GFRP. The experimental results show that BFRP is good for the high temperature applications compared to glass fiber reinforced plastics.