Mapping of quality of drinking water in various villages of Devanahalli Taluk using GIS

Author(s): Pallavi M, T M Mohan Kumar

Abstract: One of the important source of water is Ground water, 50% of the world’s population depends on groundwater of which 43% is used for irrigation use. Hence the quality of groundwater is important . In this project the selected area for studies is devanahali taluk which is located in Bengaluru Rural district. Due to the drastic development of Bengaluru urban city and the location of KIA (Kempegowda International Airport) we need to concentrate on this area in all the aspects for the future sustainability of Bengaluru city. There are about 212 villages and 2 towns in this taluk with a population of 2,09,622 lakh. The total area of devanahali taluk is 446sqkm. Identification of bore wells with the respective latitude and longitude and checking physical-chemical parameters of the water sample and mapping in the software the given task can be executed by integrating various shape file and validated collected bore well data using GIS.