IoT based health monitoring wearable mask for covid patients

Abstract: The biggest crisis facing the world today is the corona virus or covid19. It is a disease that is affecting more and more people around the world. The disease took the lives of many people and destroyed many families. Most of the people in the Indian nation are ordinary. Many tests for Covid19 are expensive and beyond the reach of the average person. This paper presents a wearable sensor network system for Internet of Things (IoT) connected safety and health applications. An IoT network system which can monitor both environmental and physiological can greatly improve the safety of humans. The purpose of this project is to help patients with Covid19 bedridden patients at a very low cost to get to know about their physical state. We know that some of the symptoms of corona virus are respiratory diseases and high fever. If these symptoms can be monitored regularly, doctors can sometimes save the patient’s life. To this end, this project produces a very inexpensive, very accurate and easy to handle wearable mask. This mask is equipped with various sensors to detect symptoms. In addition, the sensor values the patient’s condition and allows the doctor to remote monitor the patient’s sitting position .With this wearable device, the patient’s breathing rate, oxygen level and temperature variations can be easily tracked. Therefore, doctors are able to take the right steps at the right time.