IOT Assisted Electronic Device Controlling System

Author(s): Justine Francis, Subin M, Stebin Paul, Kichu Sebastian, Ashly Thomas

Abstract: The project proposes an efficient implementation of IoT(Internet of Things) for monitoring and controlling electronic appliances via a mobile application. In the existing scenario, a large amount of energy and time is consumed in powering up appliances, mainly due to the location and confusing assembly of the switchboard. The proposed system works on IoT, where the controlling device will be a smartphone with an application to scan the device for a unique, preinstalled image on the device. In the application already added rooms are visible to the user. The user can select whichever room he needs to access. The components are added within the room. The application should identify the device and a control panel would be available to the user for further actions. The signals from the phone will be received at the IoT module attached to the switchboard which will control the powering of each device. Also, there would be a troubleshooting mechanism that is to be used in case of any malfunctioning. It would give an error message if components are not working properly. This would be a great help for the user to identify the components that are not working. Either he could fix the problem or replace the component. We can manage the room according to our needs. This would be a great help for everyone, especially people who have difficulty moving around.