Investigation on The Performance of Four Stroke SI Engine using Methyl Phenyl Ether (Anisole) Blended with Gasoline

Author(s): Pon.Azhagiri, T. Senthilkumar, C. Arunkumar, B. Kumaragurubaran

Abstract: The internal combustion engine is the key to the modern society. Without the transportation performed by the millions of vehicles on road and at sea we would not have reached today’s living standard. There are two types of internal combustion engines, namely, the Spark Ignition (SI), and the Compression Ignition (CI). Petrol and diesel are at present the principal fuels for SI and CI engines, respectively. These fuels are on the verge of getting extinct, and during combustion, these fuels release substantial amount of pollutants into the atmosphere and create environmental related problems. The internal combustion (IC) engine is known to be one of the major sources of air pollution in the environment. Petroleum based fuels have important role in rapid depletion of fossil fuels as with demand is increasing performance of the SI engine using methyl phenyl ether(anisole) blended with gasoline. Recognised as ecofriendly fuel so considering this through the experiment an attempt has been made of Anisole blended on SI engine in laboratory and found its properties and characteristics. Various blends of Anisole were prepared and its performance was evaluated with single cylinder four stroke petrol engine.