Investigation of Copper to 304 Stainless Steel by using Tungsten Inert Gas welding

Author(s): A. Arunmani, T. Senthilkumar, S. Viswanathan

Abstract: The dissimilar joining of copper to 304 stainless steel was performed by tungsten inert gas welding process using304ss filler material. The results indicated the formation of defect free joint by using copper filler material. But, the presence of some defects like solidification crack and lack of fusion caused decreasing tensile strength of other joints. In the optimum conditions, the tensile strength of the joint was 96% of the weaker material. Also, this joint was bent till to 180º without any macroscopic defects like separation, tearing or fracture. It was concluded that copper is a new and good candidate for gas tungsten arc welding of copper to 304 stainless steel.