Hybrid Multiple Cryptography – A Novel Scheme for Data Encryption

Naveenakrishnan S, Mukesh Kumar P, Ganeshamurthy K | pp: 22-32

Abstract: Traditional cryptography techniques have been used for many years to protect data from malicious attacks. However, these methods have become increasingly vulnerable to attack over time due to advances in computing technology. This paper proposes Hybrid Multiple Cryptography (HMC), a novel data encryption scheme. This scheme implements an approach that seeks to incorporate both Hybrid cryptography and Multiple cryptography as a way to provide an enhanced layer of security by combining both of their strengths while also mitigating the drawbacks that are present in each individual approach. The process begins with the creation of a symmetric key as well as an asymmetric key pair consisting of a public and a private key. Initially, the message is encrypted using the symmetric key encryption technique with the symmetric key that can encrypt the message for n number of times. The resulting encrypted text and symmetric key are encrypted with the asymmetric public key using the asymmetric key encryption algorithm. The decryption process, on the other hand, is a reversal of the encryption process. Thus, the scheme is a reliable and effective data encryption system that can offer greater data protection than conventional encryption approaches.