Fabrication and Analysis of power Generation from Shock Absorber

Author(s): P.Gopal, T.Senthilkumar, J. Siva Prakash

Abstract: The need for shock absorber arises because of the roll and pitches associated with vehicle, and from the roughness of roads. The Hydraulic rectifier is Energy Generating device. The rectifier works as Shock absorber by converting bi directional shocks into unidirectional rotation with help of 4 check valve. Passive Damper can be used as active damper with help of electromagnetic Damper (EM). The EM damper generates energy and fulfills the purpose of hybrid shock absorber. The dissipated energy is recovered using Regenerative Electromagnetic shock absorber. Coil assembly moves related to magnetic assembly which produces Energy. Magneto Rehodological (MR) fluid changes braking force by electronic the electric shock absorber is a device that converts the kinetic energy of an oscillating object into electric energy. This kinetic energy is normally dumped in a form of thermal energy in a conventional, mechanical shock absorber. The electric shock absorber consists of a permanent magnet linear synchronous generator (PMLSG), a spring, and an electric energy accumulator. The major goal of the project is to design and analyze the operation of an electric shock absorber. In order to define the initial requirements that the electric shock absorber has to satisfy.