Experimental Studies on Strength, Durability and Behaviour of Beam using Self Compacting Concrete with Organic Based Corrosion Inhibitor

Author(s): R. Dharmaraj, R. Malathy

Abstract: Major initiatives are taken by developing countries like India in developing the infrastructure such as express highways, power projects, industrial structures, ports and harbour to meet the requirements of globalization in construction of buildings and other structures, concrete and steel play a major role in the construction industry. Reinforced concrete structural members are among the most congested structural elements. Placing and consolidating concrete in such structural members imposes substantial technical challenges. This offers a unique area of application for self compacting concrete because of its inherent ability to flow under its own weight and fill congested sections, complicated formwork and hard to reach areas. An experimental program was carried out the effect oforganic based corrosion inhibitor in preventing corrosion of embedded steel in self compacting concrete with the addition of “Diethanolamine” as an organic corrosion inhibitor in self compacting concrete. In this investigation is mainly focused on the mechanical strength property, durability, RCPT, and flexural behaviour of RC beams of using corrosion inhibitor (DEA) for SCC of mix design for M25 grade of concrete according to BIS method (IS 10262:2009). Then the conventional concrete mix proportions were modified into SCC properties as per EFNARC specifications and different trial mixes were done. The inhibitor is added in various percentages of 0%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%and 5% by weight of cement. The mix proportion used for test is 40% replacement of cement with class F fly ash. From these mix proportion specimens were casted as Cubes, Cylinders and Prism. Compressive strength, Split tensile test, Rupture test and water absorption were conducted on the casted samples. After the strength tests were carried out and the test results were compared with Conventional self compacting concrete, with the optimum concrete mix percentage of corrosion inhibitor i.e. 3%, SCC with DA3 give better performance in terms of strength compare to all other DEA percentage of SCC and to study the RCPT and flexural behaviour of RC beams with and without corrosion inhibitor (DEA).

Study on Strength and Durability Properties of Concre