Experimental Investigation on using Fins on Upstream Side for Cooling of PV Panels in Streetlight Applications

Author(s): M. Chandrasekar, T. Senthilkumar

Abstract: One of the main obstacles that face the operation of photovoltaic panel (PV) is overheating due to excessive solar radiation and high ambient temperatures. Overheating reduces the efficiency of the panels severely. This undesirable effect can be avoided by applying various cooling methods. One such method is passive cooling of PV panel by attaching aluminium fin with the PV panel. Fins transfer the heat from the panel to the atmosphere by convection.  The thermal and electrical performance of flat PV module with and without cooling system consisting of aluminium fins in the upstream side are investigated in the location of Tiruchirappalli (78.6°E & 10.8°N), Tamil Nadu, India experimentally with 10 W monocrystalline solar panel. It is shown that the temperature of the panel is reduced by about 6°C and the average power output is increased by 0.7 W and the electrical conversion efficiency is increased by 1.66 %.