Experimental Analysis of an Asymmetric Double Slope Basin Type Solar Distillation

Author(s): S. Thulasi, S. Jaisankar, P. Dhanaraj

Abstract: The Experimental carried out with   Double Slope Basin type Solar Distillation same type under same operation   condition throughout the day. Thermal modelling was   done   for   the asymmetric   double   slope   distillation   system.   This   report   would   also   throw   light  on   the scope  for  further  research  and  recommendation  in  solar  distillation  system.  The  designed  model  produces 300  mL  of  pure  water  from  14  L  of  dirty  water  during  six  hours.  The  TDS  (Total Dissolved Solids)  in  the  pure  water  is 81  ppm  and  have  a  pH  of  7.