Emotion Based Music Player

Author(s): Anu John, Chinju P Bijoy, Simoniya P V, Sivadarsh S, Magniya Davis

Abstract: Emotions are a vital part of every living being. The information field combines emotions with the machine, to produce assistance and improve user experience. With emotional recognition, which reflects facial expression to detect a specific emotion, new approaches are taken on how human communication with a computer is often done. Emotions are played within the field of Music Information Retrieval, where music is categorized and supported on the emotion conveyed. Additionally, with in-depth meta-data analysis, better visibility is formed and more relevant recommendations are provided. The abstract provides a review on emotional awareness and classification of music, highlighting the various strategies utilized in these two learning areas.
Everyone likes to hear music, people of all ages enjoy music everyday. Recent studies confirm that humans reply to music and it plays a high impact on a person’s brain activity. Music plays an extremely important role in extracting an individual’s life because it is a crucial medium of entertainment for music lovers and listeners and sometimes even imports a therapeutic approach.