Eliminating the Backward Shifting Of Tailstock in the Camshaft Journal Turning Machine

Author(s): G. Elatharasan, V.M. Illayaraja Muthaiyaa, T. Parameshwaran Pillai

Abstract: Manufacturing of camshaft involves a number of complex and minute processes. It involves facing, centering, turning, hardening, induction hardening, tempering, washing, lapping and oiling. In the turning machine Proteck PL 600 Twin, one of the major problems is when the machine is kept idle for 10mins it will go to power save mode automatically. If the operator presses the reset button the hydraulic pump and the DC valve will be activated. Due to hammering effect of oil with 40bar pressure on Tail quill cylinder, even Tailstock clamped condition tail stock moves back by 0.5mm. This problem leads to ineffective clamping of camshaft for the operation in the machine. This is because of the leakage of oil in the link cylinder due the oil port offset location which causes pressure drop. These results in major disadvantages like create vibration while the job is running, so that the tool and the job will be damaged or may be broken. It causes major accidents to the operator due to ineffective clamping. Also the availability of the machine decreases which decrease the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).