Effect of Oryza Punctata Synthesized with Zinc Oxide Nano Particles as Single Layer Anti Reflection Coating Layer in mono Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

Author(s): N. Srinivas, M.Vinoth, B. Kumaragurubaran, T. Senthil Kumar

Abstract: Oryza Punctata alias mappillai samba rice extract can be act as a bio template and coloring element. Bio template causes to synthesis various functional nano materials and the color element of the extract tends to harvest light apparently. While the oryza punctata synthesized with Zinc acetate by wet chemical method, the product comes to Oryza punctata doped ZnO nano particles successfully. X-Ray diffraction analysis showed that the prepared material possess crystalline in nature with hexagonal structure. Dynamic light scattering reveals the prepared OP-ZnO materials in stable and the molecular structure in nanometer. FESEM showed that the prepared material possess flower shape morphology, Nanoflowers. The OP-ZnO nano material brought into application of antireflective coating layer on mono crystalline silicon solar cell and performance compared with uncoated silicon solar cell. After OP doped ZnO ARC application, the cell efficiency could be improved up to 11.25% for an mono crystalline silicon solar cell from the value of 10.34%.