Dictionary Compression: An Optimal Answering for Continuous Top-k Dominating Queries

Author(s): D. Saravanan, K. Girija, B. Kumaragurubaran, T. Senthilkumar

Abstract: An online Query based searching involves mainly two methods of retrieving the data from the database. (1)Top-k query (2) Skyline query. The ranking rule methodology is used in Top-k query whereas dominance relationship is used in skyline query. Top-k dominating query used to search and retrieve the K records with highest dominance results either by ranking and dominance relationship method in static database. The Continuous Top-k Dominating query (cTKDQ) method has some limitations. In order to overcome the existing demerits, introduces a new indexing structure called close dominance graph (CDG) to support and maintain the relationship between dynamic data records. However, CDG as it takes more time to search results. In this paper introduce a dictionary based compression algorithm, which is efficient in answering a cTKDQ with minimum time and memory. The experimental results have shown that this scheme is able to better performance when compared with other prevailing scenarios.