Allwyn prince.A, Bhuvanesh.S, Rajesh.M,Varun kumar.V

Abstract: Drones in agriculture can be used for a variety of different task aimed to increase farm crop yields and accurately monitor growth status, simultaneously decreasing time labour and resources. There are too many technologies involved in today’s Agriculture out of which spraying pesticides using drones is one of the emerging techniques . Manual pesticide spraying causes many harmful side effects to the personnel involved in the spraying process. While for some specific task a medium sized drone can be used. So that we opted for tri-arm coaxial hexacopter because it has proper and distributed downwash that is suitable for spraying liquids at specified point in the flow field for proper distribution of spray and reducing the wastage .This paved the way to design a drone mounted with spraying mechanism having 360kv high torque brushless motor, 30A esc with one shot, 2500Mah lithium polymer battery,2 blade glass fibre nylon gray propellers, Ardupilot power module, 6 inch transmitter, FS-IA6B Receiver, 32 bit flight controller with aluminium tubes and plates fixed in the drone for monitoring and spraying process and this type of drone reduce time , number of labour and cost of pesticide application.