Design and Fabrication of Chamfering of Super-Critical Burner Panel Assembly

Author(s): G. Elatharasan, R. Manikandan, G. Karthikeyan

Abstract: In this investigation about the importance, technical aspects, problems arising and the solutions for the chamfering of inclined part in super-critical burner panel assembly which is one of the components of boiler. In burner panel there are several tubes and they are in several planes. Only the tubes in horizontal planes are chamfered by using a chamfering machine. If the tubes is inclined plane are chamfered a crane need to hold the burner panel. And there some disadvantages occur when this plan is implemented. Present work is to reduce or eliminate the problems. The present to be achieved by accommodate suitable attachments to the chamfering machine which enables the tilting of chamfering machine. Thereby the tubes in inclined planes of burner panel assembly may chamfer.