Design and Development of Smart Dustbin using IOT

Arindam Ghosh, Debajyoti Sarkar, Aditya Kumar Jha, Sayan Das, Tapas Kumar Nandi, Sandip Bhattacharya

Abstract: A Smartbin for waste management is presented in this work, as an attempt to maintain clean and hygienic environment. The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been implemented through GSM module integrated with Arduino UNO to design this bin along with Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth Controller App is employed for establishing connection with the Bluetooth module. The module is therefore leveraged to detect distance between the user and the bin, and the information enables the planning of an optimal route for the bin to move towards the user. As it detects the object, the lid of the bin opens automatically and allows the object to dispose the waste into it. The waste is then segregated into dry or wet particles and then the lid will get close automatically. Level indicators allow estimation of remaining capacity of the bin to store further waste. On exhaustion of the capacity of the bin, SMS-based notification is provided to the user via a GSM module. In this work, a low cost, user-friendly, economically viable waste management solution to control pollution is demonstrated.