Design and Analysis of Duct Type Solar Water Heating System

Author(s): S. Thulasi, S. Jaisankar, J. Ragu, A. Pravin infent

Abstract: The present work has been undertaken to obtain the higher efficiency to modified copper duct type solar water heating systems. Solar water heating systems comprise various technologies that are used worldwide increasingly. In order to heat water using solar energy, a collector, often fastened to a roof or wall facing the sun, heats a working fluid that is driven by natural convection through it. The collector could be made of a simple glass-topped insulated box with a flat solar absorber made of copper metal, attached to copper heat exchanger pipes and dark colored. Heat is stored in hot water storage tank. The solar water heating system has modified into pipe duct type and rectangular box type systems, both are made up by copper duct. Copper absorbs the heat of the sun directly and transfer the thermal energy to the following water. Hence hot water is always available. This paper explains the fabrication and its operating procedures of copper duct type solar water heating systems.