Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Alumina Metal Matrix Composite Reinforced with Fused Zirconia and Alumina Oxide

Author(s): C. Saravanan, Pon.Azhagiri, A. Abinaya, T. Senthilkumar

Abstract: This project deals with the evaluation of mechanical properties of aluminum alloy metal matrix composites reinforced with fused zirconium alumina (ZA-40) bonded abrasive particles which were fabricated by stir casting method. The sample specimens were prepared by varying the percentage of weight fraction of reinforced particles as 5,10,15 and the remaining aluminum alloy respectively. The mechanical properties were analyzed. The evaluation of mechanical properties indicates variations in tensile strength, hardness and impact strength with respect to composite combinations.  From the experimental studies, the optimum weight percentage of the matrix  and reinforcement on the basis of mechanical properties was found to be 90  and 10 respectively.