CO2 Laser Cutting of Sisal Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composite

Author(s): S. Kalirasu, N. Rajini, S. Rajesh, R. Durkesh Nandhini

Abstract: Laser, a developing technology been extensively used in machining for its high quality cutting. This article presents sisal fibre reinforced polyester composite machining with the help of CO2 laser. Using compression moulding technique sisal fibre reinforced polyester composite has been produced with composite material of 50% and 3mm thickness. Under three conditions (75W, 85W and 95W) composite undergoes machining, thus kerf is formed. The optimum kerf and its quality are analyzed under optical microscope. Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) is checked in composite materials. The hardness of the composite is checked through shore-D hardness tester after cutting process.