Autonomous Delivery Robot Controlled By A Wi Fi Microcontroller

Abstract: Autonomous delivery robots are making change in the transportation system of the last mile delivery. Easy and less cost delivery make the peoples to attract into the field of the automation. This project is mainly into the build a autonomous robot for the last mile delivery of goods. Vehicles would need to be able to handle the extreme conditions on Indian roads such as avoiding major potholes, animals that share the roads with cars, other cars in the traffic signals, and dealing with the vast number of cars on the roads. This project is mainly aims to the implementation of the robots to the rural area. Navigation of the robot is implemented using the cameras.A WiFi controlled micro controller is used . The sensor in this projects is cameras. GPS , compass and ultrasonic sensors are used for the support of the navigation system. In order to reduce the damages caused by the roads , high clearance from the ground is provided.