Automatic Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

Author(s): Athulya Valsan T P, Sarang K C, Rishikesh S K, Vyshna M P, Rashma T V

Abstract: When a person’s body fails to respond to insulin produced in their body, it leads to diabetes. In recent years diabetes has become more and more common disease and diabetic retinopathy has become the major reason for permanent blindness. Manual diagnosis is performed on retinal fundus images to find the diabetic retinopathy, but it requires experienced clinicians and by quantifying the importance of several small details which makes this an exhaustive and time-consuming task. As machine learning emerges as a powerful tool for analyzing medical images it is very much beneficial to detect the diabetic retinopathy in early stages to avoid the permanent blindness. This survey provides a comprehensive study about different approaches to detect diabetic retinopathy.