Automatic Attendance System Using Face Recognition And RFID Verification

Author(s): Shaz Mohamed Paravakkal, Suhani Sanam K, Nikhil Mathew, Riza Ayisha.P, Athira.B Kaimal

Abstract: RFID and face recognition-based attendance system is the need in today’s digital world and age for universities and schools. Automatic attendance systems make the daily practice of marking attendance easy and highly efficient thus helping reduce time wasted during lectures for such administrative work. Face recognition-based attendance systems are one such biometric based attendance systems which provides more security and can evade multiple fake or proxy attendance practices easily. This paper presents a model of an automatic attendance system to alleviate the manual effort of recording data eliminating the probabilities of fraudulence. The model focuses on how face recognition incorporated with radio frequency Identification (RFID) detect the authorized students and counts as they get in and obtain out form the category room. Smart Attendance System keeps the authentic record of each registered student and eradicates greatly the normal tedious task. Moreover, this smart system keeps the details of each student registered for a specific course within the attendance log and provides necessary information consistent with the necessity. By recognizing the face of the individual and verified by RFID simultaneously in our project, the limitations in the existing manual attendance system are eliminated.