Analysing the period of dwell on the mechanical properties of dissimilar friction stir spot welded Al/Cu joints

Author(s): S. Siddharth, T. Senthilkumar

Abstract: Friction stir spot welding is a solid state material joining technique which has been receiving worldwide attention due to its ability to join dissimilar materials without difficulty. In this investigation, friction stir spot welding technique was used for joining dissimilar combinations of aluminum alloy Al 5083 and commercial copper C10100. The joints were fabricated within feasible limits of friction stir spot welding process parameters such as tool rotational speed, dwell time and plunge depth. The effect of variation in duration of dwell which is one of the significant process parameters affecting the joint properties was analyzed. The tensile strength of the joint was measured using tensile shear failure tests and the interface micro hardness was measured using Vickers hardness testing equipment. The variations in joint characteristics with respect to changes in dwell time were analyzed so as to achieve strong joints.