Acoustic Energy transformation to Electrical Energy by adopting progressive piezoelectric transducer

Abstract: This paper deals with the transformation of acoustic energy into electrical energy by using advanced piezoelectric transducer. Electricity is one of the most important blessing that science has given to mankind. It has also become a part of modern life and cannot think of a world beyond it, also exploration for novel and inexpensive energy resources are required in. By examining for new sources of energy it been observed that there are massive amount of acoustic pollution is generated all over the world.
The piezoelectric transducer can convert acoustic vibration into electrical energy. This domain of piezoelectric materials can be used to develop instrument which will absorb the acoustic waves travelling near to it and this sonic energy can be used to perform variety of functions by transforming it into conventional electrical energy .The sound level of the piezoelectric material choose for the experiment at the driving range 35-100dB. Assimilating this with the surrounding environment human noise level 50-100dB, it is found that the piezoelectric materials used in this study shows better performance of output power and sound level value. The size of the piezoelectric material will affect the efficiency of the transducer to harvest energy. In this paper a new method of harnessing the piezoelectric energy has been formulated. The output of piezoelectric transducer is connected to a harnessing circuitry for accumulating superior output. The harnessing circuitry has higher efficiency than other circuitry because of no extra voltage drop in the output. The output shows that the acoustic energy is effectively harnessed and stored in the assembled module.
On embodiment into a wide scale such as railway, airport etc.; conformable to circumstances to stir up a substantial amount of electric energy. Here the sound pollution is great extent and energy of sound is very high so it can produce a pleasant output.