3D Printing with Robotic Arm and its Various Applications – A Review

Abstract: For the most recent many years, additive manufacturing (AM) has become an always expanding part of the advancement of new innovation and gadgets. However, it is as yet challenging to utilize this technology on a larger scale. In this review paper, we try to explain how we can used the combination of additive manufacturing (3D printing) with AI and how robot arm equipped for creating 3D printed parts. In this we state different application of this combination and its benefits. Now days robots are used in many industries like automobile industry for manufacturing of various parts, components, accessories the healthcare industry evolves rapidly in relation to incorporating the latest innovations and technology, mining industries. Also 3D printing technology is rapidly growing in many sectors. Therefore we think if we made combination of additive manufacturing (3D printing technology) and robotics then it will beneficial for many industries for their project work. In last decade this combination is used in many industries like building and construction, mechanical sector and also many manufacturing industries which based on 3d printing.